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Starcraft by beanclam Starcraft by beanclam
Have a bit of headcanon... Prussia lives in Germany's basement, playing Starcraft (aka getting his ass kicked by Korea) at ungodly hours. (he plays Zurg)

This is one of the standalone art pieces in Shojo Fashion Year 2 (we can play "spot the Hetalia easter eggs" with it)
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4-C4p3ll4 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If my sister were allowed, she would stay up like this... Playing Minecraft, mind you.
kRekXki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
he is playing a replay.    NAILED IT
xLuckyStellax Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Student Artist
I saw your Shojo Fashion Year 2 book in the National Library!
I was surfing around art stuff with my friend and your references is PERFECT!And my friend really really ***LOVES*** your book.I pick the year 2 book from her while she keep the year 1.We will exchange it in school and she is probably going high with all the references she got from borrowing the books.
And to be honest when I spot hetalia stuff in it,I was kinda worried about it being sued and all that people might think you claim those characters,but to be honest I hope not!And thank god I was smart enough to check the last pages xD
Your art.It fabulous.And I love it.And those references are awesome.Believe me,I flip them one by one.I was screeching because of Hetalia and how beautiful they are.Dam that Australia look hilarious xD And Germany LOL.
NightFury22 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Student General Artist
I see this and my brain immediately inserts his "SUCK IT LOSERS" from World Series XD
WargirlSC Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you make a girls player the same way?
LykkiRykki Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This was the first easter egg I noticed in my shojo fashion copy. I noticed the nyotalia Germany and Italy cheerleaders too.  I noticed a lot of heta-eggs, Just don't know how many. Actually the first was Australia, I was wondering why he had Australian flag boxers.
KairiStar728 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014
I think I've found every anime Easter egg in Shojo Fashion Manga Art School Year 2. Or at least of the anime/manga I've read/watched!

Table of contents page: Fem!Russia or someone who looks a lot like fem!russia
Page 18: Baby Japan
Page 22 & 23: China no ponytail, Belgium, Choji, Seychelles, England, Canada
Page 30: America, Denmark, Fem!england, Prussia (obviously)
Page 31: America & Canada, Spain, Prussia, France and maybe MAYBE England.
Page 36 & 37: Sweden And Sealand, France and what looks like Tenzen from Legend of Korra.
Page 38: Mochi 'Merica! X{D
Page 49: It has to be Romano because of the expression and it looks like seychelles but without skin tone it's hard to say.
Page 50: Fem!America.
Page 58: Germany
Page 61: austria and hungary.
Page 75: Australia
Page 76 & 77: Chibi Taiwan and Chibi America
Page 78 & 79: Hong Kong, Ukraine, Lichtenstein, Hungary
Page 86: france
Page 90: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden/England if he was tall.
Page 92: Chibi Ireland, Chibi Fem!America, Chibi fem!Japan Chibi Cuba?
The next part With the cheer squad is obvious
Page 98: Punk! England
Page 104: Fem!Japan, Estonia, Ukraine?
Page 111: has a guy that looks like Ken from Digimon And Fem!Canada
Page 120: Hong Kong
Athletic Section: Canada, America, had to tell with the gymnast, Canada(again), Russia, that one guy from Kuroko no Basket who's name escapes me.
Page 133: Belguim, Fem!America, China without his ponytail!
Page 134 & 135: Lady gaga, Chibi Fem!Canada and Chibi America!
Page 136: My sister swears thats France. ^^"
Page 139: Ukraine
Acknowledgements Page: America and Canada

Whew! That's a lot of dropped hints. And the girl that "Might" like anime... If she MIGHT what does that make me?!?!?!
UrufuShinigami Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Wow, can't believe you wrote that all out. I got the book too and nearly flipped when I started recognizing characters. I do believe you forgot the second Mochi on pg. 32 but other than that you got em all. (Maybe?) Honestly there were so many I keep flipping though the book to see if I missed any. I also agree with your sister. Who else can pull off hair like that?
KairiStar728 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a few. ^^" There were a lot after all.
UrufuShinigami Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lol so true ;D
Sayekata Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love all the easter eggs, little romano was adorable along with sweden holding sealands hand!
NordicPie Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
>E< I never get tired of your stuff, this is beautiful. Only thing i could say to this was "Kesesesesesesesesesese!"
ArstyAnthropologist Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
that is the exact way that my uncle lives, down to the Zurg bit… fantastic pic! also my sister and I were so very entertained when we found this picture in that book as well as the other billion hetalia characters you put in there!
SnowyZerO Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
This is funny that this Germany guy is getting own on starcraft in the basement and losing all his game.
Knoire Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Artist
Knoire Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Artist
I picked up the book, casually going through it with my friend. We stumbled on a page with two guys who reminded us of England and Canada, and we joked about it.

Then we saw this page.


I love you.
tmcmanus55 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Student Artist
You have NO idea how happy I was when I saw this book at a craft store today! I hadn't heard of it before and I was really surprised (to say the least) when I saw all the Hetalia easter eggs! (I ran around the store screaming for my friend when I couldn't find her to show her this book AND this picture. ) 
I was basically like this: 
La la la la 
 and then,
I'm still very happy! Seeing this book made my life!
KumikoKumi Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
My life in a nutshell :D
TerribleToadQueen Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
I found a copy of Shojo Fashion Year 2 yesterday and we I spotted this I had a giggle fit! I had so much fun finding the Easter eggs, I had to buy the book! It is a really great book regardless but this just made my day!
Leixym Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
I have yet to get book 2, but I was looking through it in Michael's, having a fangirl fit every time I found a Hetalia reference. XD I really annoyed my mom...I'll definitely be getting it when I have the money!
Identification-code Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
it's awesome!! <3
MariStars15 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
Itacat Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
omg i have spotted like so many hetalia easter eggs, when i was looking through this book in the book store i was freaking out and fangirling all over the place, also i love the Sweden and sealand one it's so cute
SingleGinger96 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
Gaming me in a nutshell.
AwesomeTea Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This headcanon has been added to my list of headcanons x3 Also this is what I would do if I were left to my own devices...(I'll probably end up being like this one day...)
(I ordered that book! It should be here soon!)
Shadow870 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That moment when.....
Uncle lives in parents basement, plays Starcraft, and has basically the same desk and chair.....

Arty022618 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Artist
how i really feel X'D
Ubuntaku Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, I'll attempt this game...
12 and 13- the two people remind me of Hungary and Prussia, especially their expressions.
22- Belgium in a dress and S. Korea playing a video game. (most likely starcraft)
23- Seychelles, England, and Canada are studying.
25- someone who looks like Japan is playing a video game.
30- Prussia (this picture)
31- America is with Canada. Also, the bad touch trio and HRE seem to be having a sleepover.
36- Sweden is with young Sealand.
39- That boy in the bottom right looks like Hong Kong to me. Or Sen from Knite (Yuumei)
43- The boy looks like Japan to me.
(not hetalia but I noticed it- 46- Harry, Ron, and Hermione... I don't know they just look like them to me)
49- Chibiromano and possibly Young Canada.
50- Female America is wearing a sports uniform.
58- There is a guy that looks like Germany to me.
61- Canada and a girl after Prom. Austria and Hungary are dancing.
63- The "too cool for Prom" guy reminds me of prussia.
75- Australia getting dressed and a guy that looks like Germany.
76- Chibitalia in a suit (go figure), and Chibimerica, who is also in a suit.
78- Hong Kong seems to be in the "Mandarin Wedding" one.
79- Hungary, Ukraine, and Liechtenstein are bridesmaids!
86- France is wearing a hat.
90- faceless Belarus and Ukraine in school uniforms.
92- a young female America (Ameriko?) is laughing and wearing a shcool uniform.
93- APH on the person's uniform.
94- Female Germany and Italy are practicing cheer leading.(return of the APH acronym!)
97- more APH acronym
98- England in a modified uniform
99- hipster... America?
104- a guy who is most definitely Estonia (or Himaruya, but then the hair would be darker) and possibly female Japan.
120- Definitely Hong Kong in the Martial Arts picture.
123- Female America and possibly America in gymnastics uniforms.(or something.)
124- Canada in a hockey uniform.
133- Belgium and S. Korea in summer clothes.
139- Ukraine in a scarf?
Oh and the guy on the cover looks like Germany to me.
...That's a lot of Hetalia.
Raelise Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh and 37- France
And on the very last page it looks like young America and Canada swinging.
But yeah alot of Hetalia.
sketchySlayer Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really Hetalia at all, but there are other anime references within the book as well. ^^ In the sports section, there's a drawing of Namimori's favorite Vongola Hitman/Baseball player, Takeshi Yamamoto. I can't remember what others were referenced; I don't have my book with me at the moment.
StarlightOrchard Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Student General Artist
I saw this in your book and totally spazzed out when I realised you have a DA account!!!
DarkTrag3dy Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG same :3
StarlightOrchard Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student General Artist
YEAH :iconhifiveplz:
insanity-pillz Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
I think I spotted Kanye West's glasses in that book . . . and an Americamochi.
IceValaxy Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh my God when I saw this in the book I thought I was seeing things. And then I saw all the Hetalia refs in it and just wow...
This is really cool btw :D I love the shading and the little Gilbird!
Anarose333 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
you sure can i have the book ive found them all^^
Sammirureka Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I caught this when I was going through your book the other day and I think... That's Prussia! and he's playing Starcraft! I LOVE BOTH THOSE THINGS! Just another reason why I need to buy the book! Not only is it awesome (no pun intended), but it is in very good taste.
(I also loved the DaftPunk shirt in another of the pictures.)
Xxart101Xx Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AAHAAH! so it was Prussia! I knew i wasnt crazy! *runs off to find more Hetalia characters*
wikikid Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
at first i saw England with Canada and Seychelles inside a room studying or something
i thought to myself that i was obsessed to the end, tell i saw Prussia here and i was, (THIS IS NO ACCIDENT!!!!) then i showed my little brother and we kept looking for hetalia characters

i was like, there's no way a professional would watch hetalia and stuff but now

i love your book, and it taut me allot about .... everything that is really needed to know really, thanks for making it!!!
(me and my brother laughed so hard at Australia, at the pants page XD )
singstargirl13 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I did that! It was so cool to find out that my favorite manga book author and artist was a Hetalia fan! :3
RiniHatake Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember seeing this when I bought Shoujo Fashion Year 2. I loved it so much and I loved your tutorial books even more when I saw that we shared fandoms. Your books have helped me and my friends improve our art so much. I finally get the anatomy stuff although my heads are always bigger than it's supposed to be :/ Thank you very much for writing those books they've been an incredible help. You are amazing at drawing the many different Hetalia characters and my girlfriend was ecstatic when she saw this in there. She cosplays Fem!Germany while I cosplay regular Italy. His Fem version is cute though so I hope to cosplay her soon. Also, if I may ask, are you writing a third book and if so, what's it gonna be about?
TechnologicTea Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I keep seeing characters in your books that looks like they're from Hetalia! I saw one that looks like Austria and another one that looks like Ukraine... And when I saw this the thing on my mind was... Prussia.:XD: I KNEW you were into Hetalia!:D
Zatsy Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Student General Artist
When I first bought your book, I kept noticing characters from Hetalia in there, but I couldn't help but think :iconiseewhatyoudidthere: "There is no way someone as cool and successful like Irene Flores likes APH. No way." However, when I found your dA, my suspicions were confirmed! I can't believe you like Hetalia! You have no idea how much I'm geeking out right now. < u >
pozolegirl Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my-shadows-ghost Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Student General Artist
I saw him in the book! <3 then I went on a Hetalia Easter egg hunt <3
tomato-bird Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
We spotted this in the Book! At first we were all like "Oh what a coincidence, these people look kinda like [insert char here]" but this was just too obviously Prussia. Then we skimmed the book looking for the easter eggs. And then looked at it again for the clothes :D
SecretSuperSpyZero Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I found them all haha Pg. 23 Britain and Canada, Pg. 37 Francy Pants, Pg. 49 it looks like baby romano but I'm not sure (the one in red overalls), Pg. 51 That guy in the blue tie looks a hell lot like germany, Pg. 61 Austria, Hungary, and i believe canada in the blue shirt, Pg. 75 Australia and i believe germany, Pg. 77 its baby america! >u<, Pg. 78 Japan, Pg. 98 Correct me if I am wrong, but i think that is britain in the blue coat haha, pg. 120 japan again <3, pg. 133 That could be China in the bottom right corner but i don't know, pg. 139 again, not sure, but i think that's Ukraine, and finally, on the acknowlegment page (second to last) I think that's america and france/canada but i have know clue lol

Hope you find them all!
Schnee-Fee Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student Filmographer
There's also Hong Kong, Estonia, Belarus, fem versions, etc... That I noticed. o.o
SpoonyMacks Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Student General Artist
What about Sweden and Sealand on pg 36?(maybe)
SecretSuperSpyZero Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, yeah! haha missed those too xD
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